ANNOUNCEMENT: Pillar of Light: Joseph Smith’s First Vision

Pillar of Light _01

To commemorate the bicentennial of Joseph Smith’s First Vision (1820-2020), artist Jeremy Fink and I have created a book to tell of Joseph’s experience: Pillar of Light: Joseph Smith’s First Vision. Click here to access a free flipbook version. An inexpensive digital comic book version is available on Comixology.

The idea of presenting Joseph’s experience as a comic book grew out of my earlier post about chiasmus in “Joseph Smith-History” and observing how that account of his First Vision is centered around a contrast between light and dark — a conflict between good and evil. To my mind, this seemed to fit well with a comic book format. Luckily, my friend, Jeremy Fink, is a skilled comic book artist and welcomed the challenge of the project. Three years later, we are finished and hope you enjoy it.